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From Depression To Destiny

A great destiny awaits those who are ready to claim it. This is the birthright of every man regardless of race, gender, or creed. Are you ready to claim what is yours? Are you raring to live a life free of stress, worries, and seemingly endless problems? Prepare to break free from the chains of mediocrity and finally embrace the world you’ve always hoped and prayed for.

Many have traveled your path. I have been there once, and I have made a solemn vow to reach out to everyone who seek guidance, motivation, and inspiration. I am the living testament of a soul once battered and bruised but have emerged victorious in the face of overwhelming odds. I will tell you everything I know for you to have a smooth transition from Depression to Destiny.

Forward by Bruce H. Lipton PhD


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Answer The Call

A brilliant sequel to The Unpopular Truth, this book is the continuation of a fantastic poetic journey. Answer the Call is a collection of original poetry written by the author between 2001 to 2012. It reminds us of those often forgotten facts of life which are buried in our consciousness by our busy lifestyles and technological pre-occupations. Realities that can help us reclaim our true nature as beings of light and as a remarkable species resilient in its resolve to achieve a great purpose.


With its positive persuasions and mind-calming artistic tone, the book encourages us to respond to the call to greatness. It gives us a fresh perspective of the world around us and presents us with the assurance that our own destiny is won, not by the dictates of the world, but by the strokes of our own hands as we write our story in our own book of life.